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Billionaire David Koch has died

Businessman and philanthropist David Koch has died at the age of seventy-nine (79). Koch was ranked as the eleventh (11) richest person


Man arrested for showing interest in a potential mass shooting

Access Unlocked Sunday August 18, 2019, The Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) and Norwalk, Connecticut police announced the arrest of twenty-two (22)


Taco Bell employee shot

Access Unlocked Sunday August 18, 2019 A customer in a Taco Bell drive-thru, shot an employee in the leg after an argument


Police Officers shot in Philadephia

Access Unlocked August 15, 2019 After surrendering following an eight (8) hour standoff, shooting suspect Maurice Hill was arrested in Philadelphia. Hill


Early morning shooting leaves 9 dead in Ohio

Access Unlocked Sunday August 4, 2019 Shortly after 1 a.m. this morning, a shooter opened fire using a .223 high-capacity AR-15 rifle,


Shooting in El Paso leaves 20 dead

Access Unlocked Saturday 3, 2019 Twenty- one (21) year-old Patrick Crusius of Allen, Texas went on a shooting spree in a crowded

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Playground shooting leaves one dead

Access Unlocked Sunday July 28, 2019 On Saturday shots rang out, killing one (1) and injuring eleven (11) others at Brownsville, Brooklyn


Blackout in Manhattan leaves thousands without power

Access Unlocked Saturday July 13, 2019 Con Edison reported more than 42,000 people area out of service on the Westside of Manhattan,


23 people injured following an explosion in Florida

Earlier yesterday a gas explosion in Plantation, Florida, left twenty-three (23) people injured. According to reports, the incident occurred at a vacant


James Alex Fields Jr a White Supremacist has been sentenced for murder

Access Unlocked Friday June 28, 2019 In August 2017 during a white supremacist rally, James Alex Fields Jr. rammed his vehicle into