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Spotlight Artist: Kenni Sosa

What makes your music stand out from other artists in your area?

My music exhibits exceptional versatility, as I solely draw from personal experiences and accomplishments.

What other projects are you working on?

At present, I am diligently working on producing a deluxe version for my most recent album “Who Killed Kenni?”

Who are some of the producers/writers on the project?

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The album boasts exceptional contributions from esteemed producers YLOnDem808’s and Spacey.

How do you plan to get to the next level?

I will get to the next level by upholding a steadfast prayerful attitude while maintaining unwavering faith in God, combined with relentless consistency.

What motivates you to keep going?

 My children hold an incomparable significance in my life.

What if anything would you change about your music journey?

I firmly believe that altering any aspect of my journey would be to disregard God’s divine plan for me.

What are some of the obstacles you had to overcome in the music industry?

To date, an obstacle that I am currently overcoming is gaining recognition for the quality of my music as a whole.  Fortunately, outlets such as this one is allowing me that chance to earn new listeners.

Tell us about some of your career highlights. 

Currently, my most notable achievement lies in the ability to return to music after a five-year hiatus and create the stellar album I have accomplished.

How did your music industry career begin?

In the 11th grade, I made the pivotal decision to invest in my music career, acquiring my first studio equipment and utilizing my mother’s computer to delve into music production.

Do you write your own music?

Certainly, I am the sole author of my lyrical compositions.

Are you signed with a label?  If so who?  Why did you decide to sign or stay independent?

I am currently signed to an Indie Label, Sophomore Music.  I decided to join this label because they advocate for the creative freedom of the artist which allows for the music to have an impact on the listener that is natural and reflective of my true sentiments.

IG: kenni_sosa

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