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Another Texas Officer shoots and kills a resident in their home

Access Unlocked Saturday October 12, 2019 Around 2:25 early Saturday morning, officers were dispatched for a welfare check in the Fort Worth,


10 yr sentence for Amber Guyger

Access Unlocked Wednesday October 2, 2019 The prosecution requested a minimum of twenty-eight (28) years in prison for Amber Guyger, and the

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Star Trek: Deep Space Nine star Aron Eisenberg has died

Access Unlocked Sunday September 22, 2019 Aron Eisenberg who played the role of Nog on Star Trek: Deep Space Nine, has died.

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3 people are dead with others hospitalized, following drug overdose

Access Unlocked Sunday September 22, 2019 Police are investigating the death of three (3) people, and the hospitalization of four (4) others

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Antonio Brown is done with football

Access Unlocked Sunday September 22, 2019 After being accused of multiple sexual assault allegations, Antonio Brown has announced he will no longer

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National Security Advisor was informed he was no longer needed

Access Unlocked Tuesday September 10, 2019 Trump jumped on Twitter and announced he informed John Bolton, who was named National Security Advisor

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Sarah Palin’s husband has filed for divorce

Access Unlocked Monday September 9, 2019 Former Vice President nominee and resigned Alaska governor Sarah Palin is headed for divorce court. It


Man severely injured after being hit in the head with a bowling ball

Access Unlocked Sunday September 8, 2019 After being involved in brawl at Town Hall Bowl in Cicero, Illinois, twenty-eight (28) year old


Simone Biles’ brother charged in triple murder

Access Unlocked Friday August 30, 2019 Allegedly Olympic gold medalist Simone Biles’ brother, has been charged with triple murder. According to reports,

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OverStock CEO resigns after an affair with Russian Agent

Access Unlocked Friday August 23, 2019 The Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of Overstock wrote a letter to his shareholders, announcing his resignation.