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New Music Alert: PJ Ricochet Has Released His New Hit Single “Toxic”

PJ Ricochet is a DFW Hip-Hop artist known for his hits, “Neva Lock Wit a Opp”, “Clean as a Whistle,” “She Bangin’,” “Touch Ya Toes”, “Top Of The Year” and release of the hard-hitting single, “Toxic”.

PJ Ricochet has an assertive music style, but his artistry is authentic and grounded in survival. He works hard every day to support his family while maintaining his integrity as an artist and creator. He’s big on dropping music and creative content regularly and keeps fighting the good fight to support his art, his family, and his community. Whether it’s center stage, spittin’ truth to energetic crowds, or behind the scenes producing videos and helping up-and-coming artists, PJ Ricochet is a multitalented powerhouse in the DFW hip-hop scene.

To listen to Toxic click the link – PJ RICOCHET – TOXIC DIRECTED BY BILLION SHOT IT – YouTube

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