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Featured DeeJay: DJ MOMO

Meet DJ MOMO, a true musical talent hailing from the vibrant city of St. Louis and now making waves in Dallas, Texas. With over 20 years of experience as a keyboard virtuoso, DJ MOMO is a master of contemporary gospel, R&B, and classical music. His passion for music is evident not only in his skilled performances but also in his academic achievements. Holding a Bachelor’s Degree in Information Systems with a focus on Information Security and an associate degree in Networking Technology, DJ MOMO combines technical prowess with his artistic abilities.

DJ MOMO’s journey into the world of music took many paths, from his early days as an MC on the mic at clubs, parties, and weddings, to his role as a devoted crate carrier for fellow DJs. However, his ambition to become a DJ burned brightly, and he has relentlessly pursued his dream. Attending the esteemed Keep Spinning DJ Academy, under the mentorship of none other than DJ Spinderella of Salt-N-Pepa.

As a proud member of the Texas Fleet DJs, DJ MOMO has been actively spinning since 2018, while also boasting an impressive legacy as a church musician spanning more than two decades. His vast knowledge encompasses a wide array of music genres, and he continually pushes musical boundaries by embracing new software, the latest equipment, and fostering connections within the DJ community.

Not content with just personal success, DJ MOMO is a co-founder and program director of DFW – STL Heat Radio alongside DJ Marc Edwards, showcasing his dedication to promoting the musical excellence of both cities. Additionally, he’s taken on the role of mentorship, guiding aspiring DJs through their challenges and sharing the wisdom he’s garnered along his journey.

DJ MOMO’s story is one of tenacity, growth, and the pursuit of musical excellence. With a burgeoning radio show on the horizon, his dynamic journey as a DJ and musician is one to watch, and his impact on the Dallas music scene is sure to resonate for years to come.

Instagram: @DJMomo420

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