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Martha Vineyards, Obama, Lousiana, Baton Rouge, #AccessUnlocked, #AU, #Obama, Flooding
Podium Politics

Obama finally visits Louisiana after being on vacation

Access Unlocked Wednesday August 24, 2016 After being on vacation
Melania Trump, Access Unlocked, #AccessUnlocked, #AU, Donald Trump, #DonaldTrump
Podium Politics

Melania Trump has placed Daily Mail media outlet on notice

Access Unlocked August 23, 2016  Allegedly Donald Trump’s wife Melania
drugs, #K2, K2, DC, Marion Barry, Marion Christopher Barry, #AccessUnlocked, #AU, Access Unlocked, #MarionChristopherBarry
Podium Politics

Former DC Mayor Marion Barry’s son has died of an overdose

Access Unlocked Monday August 16, 2015-  At the age of thirty-six
Tom Ridge, Michael Chertoff, Robert Zoellick, Michael Hayden, John Negroponte, Eric Edelman
Podium Politics

National GOP Security Experts are not for Donald Trump

Access Unlocked Tuesday August 9, 2016 – More than fifty

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