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Dynasty of DeeJays

Dynasty of DeeJays with DJ Bling

Joseph ”DJ Bling” Thompson has been an integral member of the Austin, Texas music scene since September of 2008. From assisting artists

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Artist Atmosphere

Artist Atmosphere: Apehouse

Hollywood P and Stax of Apehouse are a duo to be reckoned with. Hailing from Tulsa, a city in the northeastern part

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Elton John cancels shows due to illness

Access  Unlocked Tuesday April 25, 2017 After becoming ill on a flight from Chile, singer Elton John was hospitalized.   It was reported the seventy (70)

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Comedian Charlie Murphy has died

Access Unlocked Tuesday May 12, 2017 Charlie Murphy who is the brother of comedian Eddie Murphy, has died at the age of

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Jon Gosselin taking his chances on stripping

Access Unlocked Tuesday March 28, 2017 Jon Gosselin formerly of the reality television show Jon & Kate Plus 8, which focused on

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Artist Atmosphere

Artist Atmosphere: Keith “Suge Bands” Twyman Jr.

Born and raised on the Southside of Chicago, Keith “Suge Bands” Twyman had always had an extreme passion for rap music. Watching

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Dynasty of DeeJays

Dynasty of DJs with DJ IRS920 the Prince of Appleton, WI

Growing up on a healthy diet of Jazz, Gospel and R&B provided by my father’s record collection, it’s hard for me to

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Snoop Dogg is under fire for fake Trump assassination

Access Unlocked Tuesday March 14, 2017 It is no secret, that rapper Snoop Dogg does not like President Donald Trump, however, things have

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Real Housewives of New Jersey star’s mother passes away

Access Unlocked Saturday March 4, 2017 Antonia Gorga who is the mother of Real Housewife of New Jersey stars, Teresa Giudice and

Dynasty of DeeJays

Dynasty of DJs: Big 6

DJ Big 6 was born and raised in Oak Ridge, Tennessee.  His first musical experience, took place in church.  While traveling throughout