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Featured Producer: Vince Valholla

Vince Valholla is a producer and the CEO of Valholla Entertainment.  His interest in the music industry began in high school, after deciding not to pursue an acting career, but had the idea of owning a record label.  He would begin his journey by pairing local producers in the Little Haiti/Miami, Florida area to create music, assist with the development of artists marketing campaigns, and ultimately in 2005 establishing Valholla Records.

Why did you become a producer?

When I was younger, Quincy Jones and Diddy inspired me to produce music. The first song I produced was in 2007, and I sporadically produced songs over the years. It was not until 2019, when I began producing more frequently. 

What inspires you when producing?

I get my inspiration from R&B of the 80s, 90s and early 2000s, and Hip Hop of the 90s and 2000s.  I’m also inspired by Motown, and their assembly line approach to artist development and production process. 

I produce music that I am inspired by and love.

What is the name of the new project?

The single is called “FOREVER” with ADN Lewis. The song is a sublime R&B slow jam with retro-nouveau pop touches. The song is an ode to the 90’s sound, where music told stories of romance and conflict in relationships. The concept behind the song originated from a conversation between Curtis Richardson and me. I wanted to infuse the essence of the 90’s and add a modern take to it. Once I finished the production of the song with The Trackburnaz, and Vegas Fontaine; Curtis and Adien Lewis wrote and arranged the top line. The song is about love and reassurance.

The singer tries to assure his lover throughout the song, that he is committed and is in the relationship for the long haul, despite any doubts or questions otherwise.

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Are there any other producers on “FOREVER”?

The song is produced by Vince Valholla, The Track Burnaz and Vegas Fontaine. Curtis Richardson and ADN Lewis are the co-producers.

What are some of your successes?

After releasing several mixtapes and street albums, we began gaining notoriety in South Florida.  The buzz in the streets led to us receiving media attention in Miami’s local newspaper, and radio spins.

In 2015, our label released the debut album “Doing the Most” from Kirby Maurier.  In that year, “Doing the Most” was one of the highest selling independent R&B albums in the South Atlantic Region. The following year, Kirby went on a multi-city tour sponsored by the Recording Academy. 

In 2017, our label was named Record Label of the Year by the Miami New Times. In the same year, our production team The Track Burnaz landed production credits on Future’s “HNDRXX”, and Big Sean’s “I Decided” albums.  Both of those projects are currently certified platinum.

In 2019, our company signed a distribution agreement with AWAL, and I started work on producing a new album.

What do you have planned for Valholla Entertainment in 2023? 

My primary focus is to release music, which I have been working on for the past four (4) years. I also plan on collaborating with several artists which I am a fan of. There possibly may be additional projects as well. 

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