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Press Release: 2023 Bridging The Gap Power Conference In Atlanta, GA



Bridging The Gap Power Conference

Manny Ayala A.K.A Mad Dog

Atlanta, Georgia

Manny Ayala Announces the Highly Anticipated 2023 Bridging The Gap Power Conference

Music Promotion and Marketing Expert – Manny Ayala A.K.A Mad Dog is Set to Host The 2023 Bridging The Gap Conference to Empower Next Generation Entrepreneurs in Multiple Facets in the Entertainment Business

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Exceptional, experienced, and dogged promoter and marketer in the entertainment business–Manny Ayala, popularly known as Mad Dog announced today, The 3rd Annual Bridging The Gap Power Conference to be held November 17th – 19th, in ATLANTA, GA. The conference is aimed at empowering and educating the next generation of entrepreneurs on how to thrive in multiple categories in the entertainment business.

Bridging The Gap Power Conference is a global cultural empowerment summit put together by the well-known and respected veteran and legend in the entertainment business – Manny Ayala, with the sole purpose of educating, developing, and guiding up-and-coming entrepreneurs in the entertainment business. The conference is also geared towards discussing and identifying challenges at the intersection of music, technology, finance, and policy, and providing solutions to them.

Manny Ayala A.K.A. Mad Dog is a dogged figure in the entertainment business. Having grown his career from just distributing flyers to the hottest clubs in Ft. Lauderdale, Florida & NYC, he landed his first job in the music industry as road manager for the Arista pop group, Expose. Eventually, he worked with Relativity Records, Uptown Records, Warner Bros, Island Black, Priority Records, Tommy Boy Records, Universal Music Group and Wu-Tang Records as VP of Promotions, to mention a few. He leveraged his influence and opened exceptional doors to help launch the careers of artists like; Dru Hill, Jodeci, Mary J. Blige, Pitbull, Yo Gotti, Jaheim, 504Boyz, Westside Connection, Trick Daddy, Groove Theory, and so many more, thereby gaining the trust of companies such as; Ecko, Enyce, PNB Nation, Remy Martin, Avirex and many more in regard to his promotion skills.

The conference is said to be the veteran’s means of solidifying his legacy and sharing tools, knowledge, and tips from his experience of 35 years working in the entertainment space, to equip people interested in venturing into the business. The conference is also an incredible medium to network as a wide array of musicians, arts advocates, policymakers, technologists, media representatives, and major industry figures will be in attendance.

“The Bridging The Gap Power Conference is a way of giving back to the entertainment industry and empowering the next generation entrepreneurs to help them make strategic decisions that will accelerate their growth in any aspect of the entertainment business they venture into.”

At the conference, leaders in the entertainment industry will be revealing real struggles in the industry and how to move past them to achieve quantum success, while also disclosing proven secrets for success. In addition, guests will have the opportunity to interact and network with the panelists and keynote speakers in an amiable setting which is unlikely to happen in similar conferences of such magnitude. 

Furthermore, successful applicants will be given a platform to share their ideas, industry mentoring will be provided, as well as a networking opportunity to upscale their careers with the most creative and forward-thinking figures in the electronic music industry.

Cognizant of the shift from major record labels to independent operations, the conference will be introducing artists to current methods and technologies that allow independent artists to promote and market their music. New cutting-edge marketing techniques discovered by forward-thinking veterans in the entertainment business will be revealed to the next generation of artists to enable them to build successful careers. The conference aims to bridge the gap between the next generation and seasoned veterans of the industry,

From tackling issues like copyright culture in the digital age, and the future of music distribution, to discussing visionary presentations from leaders in the music-tech space, finance, and so many categories as regards the future of music, there is nothing the Bridging The Gap Power Conference will not cover. The conference is set to discuss the good, the bad, and the ugly aspects of the entertainment business and brainstorm solutions.

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