Speak-on-It: No longer a criminal but I am still treated as such

Dear Speak-on-It,

I am a forty-three (43) year-old woman who was charged with credit card fraud at the age of twenty-two (22).  Do to the poor choice which I made in my twenties, I am still suffering. I did not go to jail but I was placed on prisonersprobation.  I recently attempted to get an apartment and it was hell.  It was hell because every place I entered focused on the credit card fraud.  Not to mention the difficulty finding a job. How long do I have to suffer for a crime which I committed in my twenties (20s)?


No longer a criminal

Dear No longer a criminal,

The crime you committed was over two (2) decades ago which means you have made significant changes to get out for that lifestyle. How long your have to suffer, unfortunately I do not have the answer. There are so many people who are no longer on probation or who has been released from prison and have to deal with our unforgiving society.  Society sometimes makes it difficult for those who are “reformed” to walk the straight and narrow with their  job and living restrictions.  How can a person see the light at the end of the tunnel when they are denied decent housing or even a job to support themselves or family?

The unfairness of society and justice system is clearly visible. The unfairness is shown when innocent people are placed in jail from crimes they did not commit and when those who have served their time continue to suffer. These difficulties causes some to go back to their previous life of crime.  If you go back to jail the system wins. Winning with cheap labor from the prisoner hard work.

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