Artist Atmosphere: SaulPaul rapper, singer and Classical Acoustic Guitar player

Access Unlocked is honored to have the opportunity to interview rapper, singer, guitar player Saul Paul.

Who is SaulPaul??

SaulPaulQ:   Did you come from a musical background?

A: I did not come from a musical background. No one in my family plays music. My grandmother raised me and there was always music playing in my home, which may contribute to my talent.

Q:  How did you get started playing the guitar?  Is the guitar the only instrument you play?

Saul Paul

SaulPaul with Access Unlocked at #CORE 24 Atlanta

A:  I began playing the guitar as a way to showcase my lyrics and song writing skills. I thought it would be cool to rap and play an instrument.  When I was in search of an instrument I did not know it would be the  Classical Acoustic Guitar.  With years of hard work and practice, I taught myself how to play the Acoustic and other guitars.  The Classical Acoustic Guitar has a unique sound different from the steel string acoustic or electric guitar and that is why it is my preference.

Q: Access Unlocked Magazine has witnessed people referring to your sound as “real” music, what do you believe they mean by that?

A:  I believe when people say my music is real, they are referring to two (2) things. The first being the authenticity of my music. I spit about my life and story which are real.

Secondly, spittin real rhymes over a real instrument, makes people feel the music is real.

Real means made from scratch and not sampled.

Q: If you had the opportunity to change something in the music industry, what would it be?

Saul Paul 3A: It would be better pay for artists. Many artists find it to be difficult to make money off of music alone, but I have been blessed to do so.  Music is my full time job and I love it.

I would love the change the foundation of the industry.  In my opinion the music industry is similar to pimpin. The artists put in the work while others sit back and reap the reward.

Q: Who are some of your musical influences?

A:  My musical influences consists of Tupac, BIGGIE and Scarface.

Q:  What would you consider to be some of your major accomplishments?

There are several accomplishments which I am proud of.  Being able to support myself off the money I make from my craft (music), the opportunity to work with major companies and the release of my album

Everyone is concerned about going platinum or winning a Grammy but if you are able to make a living by making music, you are in a very special position.

I have worked with several major corporations and brands, Google, Johnson & Johnson, NFL and most recently Honey Bunches of Oates which I just finished up a commercial.

My latest album Dream in 3D has captured my unique sound.  These are all major accomplishments which I am proud of.

Q:  We know the music industry is very difficult to break into, what inspires you to keep going?

A:  The accomplishments which I have already made inspire me to keep going. It is my God given purpose to keep pushing forward.  There is no secret about the fact I was locked up in the Texas State Penitentiary, convicted of 4 (four) felonies.  While in prison, I discovered God created me on purpose with a purpose.   Ever since I let Jesus “take the wheel,” I have witnessed God blessings on my grind and goals.  In addition to living my dream, I have been able to help others live theirs.  The more I am successful the more people I can inspire. That’s what keeps me going.

Q:  What future projects do you have coming up?

A:  My new project Dream in 3D just dropped which I am promoting heavily. Dream in 3D is available on iTunes, Spotifiy, DatPiff and everywhere else music is available.

Saul Paul 2Q:  Recently the killing of nine (9) African Americans took place at Emanuel AME which included Charleston, SC State Senator Clementa Pinckney, what are thoughts about racism and the United States.

A: My question is, when has America not had an issue with racism? I am a black man in America who experiences racism on the regular.  Sadly, I’m not surprised by what has happened.

Instead of starting a race war like the shooter wanted, there were some key changes which I am excited about.

One of those changes being the removal of the Confederate Flag from the South Carolina State Capitol.  God has way of turning a mess into a message.

Q:  In the next three (3) years what is the plan for SaulPaul the artist?

A: My plan is to become a household name, change the world and leave a legacy.

I have something to say and I am sticking to script until the world knows.

Currently, I am pushing my new album Dream in 3D. Everyone should go download it on iTunes and vote with your dollars.




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