Access Unlocked Artist Atmosphere: Ripcord discuss life and the push of his new single Flex

Ripcord is a hip hop artist who resides in Birmingham, Alabama.  His musical gift was embedded in him at a young age but did not blossom until years later.  In school he played the drums, saFullSizeRender (41)ng in the choir and always embraced his gift of writing poetry.

His professional music career began four (4) years ago, after changing his life.

Prior to being in the music industry, Ripcord was facing twenty-five (25) to life for manslaughter and only received seven (7) years.

Once he was out of prison, he vowed to take a different path and found old habits were hard to break.  Two (2) of his friends were arrested, which was the extra push he needed, to get back on track.

What single are you currently pushing?

Ripcord:  I am pushing my single Flex.

How would you describe Flex?

Ripcord:  Energy.  I feel the majority of the music today lacks energy, which was the inspiration behind flex.

We have seen you performing with a mask on, what is that about?

Ripcord: Greyson the Darkside is my street alter ego, and is only seen when I have my mask on.  Ripcord is more story telling and singing.

Your label Street Fame is doing big things, how many artists are on the label and how are they selected?

Ripcord:  Currently, there are four (4) artists on the label and we also have a couple of affiliates.  Everything I do, is based off my spirit.  I let my spirit lead me.  

Everyone who is on my label, is family.

Who are some of the artists you have opened for?

Ripcord:  I have opened for Nipsey Hussle, Webbie, Young Buck, Rich Homie Quan and Shy Glizzy just to name a few.FullSizeRender (44)

What else can we expect from Ripcord in 2016?

Ripcord:  You can always catch me performing, you will see more coming from Street Fame Wear and projects dropping from Street Fame Entertainment artists.

On March 1st, I will release my Extended Play which has five (5) songs titled, “Greyson The Darkside.”

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