Rapper Rick Ross says goodbye to Dallas legend C. Struggs

#AccessUnlockedDFW, Access Unlocked DFW, #HIpHip, #CStruggs, C Struggs, #dallas, #dallas, #fatcrip, fat crip, #saycheese, say cheese, #coreystruggs, Corey StruggsAccess Unlocked DFW Friday August 3, 2018 Dallas rapper Corey Struggs who is known to his supporters as C. Struggs the Fat Crip has died at the age of thirty-two (32), after a battle with cancer.

Doctors had given the Dallas legend two (2) months to live, after confirming cancer has spread throughout his body.

Struggs passed away at Baylor Scott Plano hospital after being there nearly six (6) months.

Struggs was cosigned for his lyrical skills by rapper Rick Ross, who offered up a free collaboration with the hit single Do It (Why Not Hustle).

Article courtesy of Access Unlocked DFW



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