News Now: Police shooting of homeless man in Los Angeles caught on tape

March 2, 2015- Video has surfaced in a deadly Los Angeles Police Department (LAPD) shooting of a homeless man. los angelesThe shooting took place around noon March 1, 2015 on Skid Row.   Video shows the LAPD struggling to apprehend a homeless person who was suspected of robbery.  In the video one officer yells out, “he’s going for my gun.” After the officer repeated the statement multiple times, LAPD killed the man who people called “Africa,” on a LA side walk in broad daylight.

There are some questions which need be answered:

What kind of training are the LAPD officers receiving?  Multiple officer unable to subdue one man.

If the homeless man reached or had the officers gun, why the delayed response from his peers?

Is shooting unarmed citizens becoming the norm?


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