Hip Hop Artist Monsta Kodi has scheduled the release of his highly anticipated documentary No More Killing

Monsta Kodi is a hip hop artist who was born in Harlem, raised in the Bronx and flourished in the South.  His documentary entitled No More Killing, is a first hand look as to how police brutality, has impacted and changed the lives of other throughout the United States.

No Mor Killing

Monsta Kodi has traveled and nomore-killing-coverparticipated in protests, in the cities of Ferguson, New York and Baltimore.   While in Ferguson, he had the opportunity to visit with Loss Voices a group of poets, the New Black Panther Party and Michael Brown’s friends.

No More Killing is scheduled for release, in the Spring of 2016. The documentary will be distributed through Orchid to Red Box and Netflix.  There will be several exclusive screening of the documentary and a tour.

This project was development to raise awareness on police brutality, which Monsta Kodi has seen first hand since childhood.  He is the voice for those who can’t speak, the eyes for those who don’t see the hurt and pain, caused by the people who were sworn to protect us.

The sound track entitled No More Killing is also scheduled to be released in the Spring along with the singles, No Retreat, No Surrender, Trickery, No Mo, Paranoid and What’s Going On.

Soundtrack:  No More Killing

LP:  Who is Monsta Kodi

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