Exclusive News: Entertainment mogul’s son/rapper Jinx Da Juvy sentenced to twenty-five (25) years in prison

JInxDaJuvyAccess Unlocked – Saturday January 2, 2015 – Access Unlocked had the opportunity to conduct an over the phone interview with entertainment mogul, Russell Simmons’ son Derek Carr.  Simmons has referred to Carr as his son throughout his life and on his television show.  Carr who is currently in jail and awaiting to be moved to Federal prison, is known in the music industry as Jinx Da Juvy.

Jinx Da Juvy was arrested in 2014 and charged with the intent to distribute crack, powder cocaine and heroin. He maintains he is innocent of those charges and is only guilty of conducting minor phone conversations with others, who were also charged in the case.

According to Carr, the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) were already two (2) years into their investigation of theJInxda thirteen (13) other defendants, before linking him to the group.  The authorities only produced two (2) months of audio on Carr  and yet he received twenty-five (25) years.

Jinx Da Juvy remains in shock over his sentencing, which was handed down on Tuesday December  29, 2015. Originally the maximum time he was going to receive was between seven (7)  and nine (9) years, so to receive twenty-five (25) behind bars makes it difficult for the mind to comprehend.  Once Juvy was incident with twenty (20) years the district attorney took the opportunity to file an 851 which enhanced his prison term by an additional five (5) years.

Jinx Da Juvy was also charged with gun possession due to the term grip being used on the phone, however no weapon was discovered.

Many believe the state of New York has taken this opportunity trump up charges on a innocent well-known man. jinx Jinx Da Juvy who is now thirty-one (31) was signed to Def Jam at the age of seventeen (17), he has traveled and performed all over the world, his music could be heard on multiple radio stations, he is the son of Russell Simmons a hip hop legend and mogul.  So the question still remains, was Derek Carr who is known as Jinx Da Juvy railroaded, by pleading guilty to phone conversations which has ultimately cost him a quarter of his life in prison.

Through it all, he remains positive and wanted to offer some words for his supporters, artists and up and coming artists, “stay positive, do not ride the fence and do not look for ways to make money to fund your vision, let the money find you.”

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