Access Unlocked: Jigsawe who is a part of the JIN Music Group speaks about his singles My Block and Bring It Back, his life and more

Access Unlocked – Jigsawe is a hip hop artist, originally from St. Louis, Missouri who currently resides in Dallas, Texas.  Prior to becoming a hip hop artist, the former Marine’s music career began ten (10) years ago, as a gospel/conscious rapper. myblockHe has had the opportunity to rub elbows with the likes of Kirk Franklin, Donnie Mcclurkin and Kim Burrell just to name a few.

He is a part of the JIN Music Group which is managed by George Lopez out of Dallas.

How did you get the name Jigsawe?

Jigsawe: No one could figure out my style. I am pieces of a puzzle which consist of my lyrics, style and me as a whole.  When you place them all together, they work to create Jigsawe.

Why the transition from gospel/conscious music into the secular world?

Jigsawe:  The lack of support for gospel artists, is one (1) of the reasons as to why I made the change. The change may be seen as controversial, but I had to do what is in my heart.  I have a gift and a sound, which I want the world bringitto hear.

I don’t want to die with a broken heart, because I did not fulfill my dream.

What is the concept behind “Bring it Back?”

Jigsawe:  Bring it Back is definitely for the club.  It’s about a beautiful woman walking with a drink in her hand, shaking her thang and she begins to walk off and I simply tell her to Bring It Back.

Tell us about, “My Block.”

Jigsawe:  My Block is about everyday life, the things we see or don’t want to speak about, once you walk out of our front door.

On your block, you may have the drug dealers, prostitutes, the homeless man eating out of the trash or see police brutality.

Are those two (2) singles off a mixtape or album?

JINJigsawe:  The songs are off my mixtape project, “The Eight.”  The singles will also be featured on my album Keep It Playa, which is schedule to be released in June.  Keep It Playa will be a sixteen (16) track album.

Do you have any tour dates lined up?

Jigsawe:  There are no tours lined up.  However, I will continue to do concerts.  My supporters can catch me at South by Southwest (SXSW), in March.  All event updates can be found on my website or provided by music legend George Lopez.  Email: Phone: (972) 748-9404

Social Media:

Facebook:  Jigsawe

Twitter:  Jigsawe STL

Instagram:  Jigsawe

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