Wednesday | August 4, 2021

Identify the lifespan of COVID-19 on surfaces

Access Unlocked Sunday April 5, 2020 The World Health Organization (WHO) has identified the lifespan of CVOID-19 on surfaces.

Below is a list of surfaces and their lifespan:

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Non-Porous Surface: Four (4) plus days. Non-porous surfaces include doorknobs, elevators buttons, handrails and light switches.

Plastic Surface: Two (2) to three (3) days.  Plastic surfaces include bottles, plastic bags and containers.

Cooper Surface:  Four (4) hours. Cooper surfaces include taps, and drawer handles.

Cardboard:  Twenty (24) hours.  Packages and are unlikely to transmit CVOID-19.

Glass:  Nine (9) days.  Glass does include mobile devices.  Use disinfectant wipes to sanitize, and not alcohol wipes.

CVOID-19 can remain in the air for three (3) hours.  This includes moisture from cough/sneezes, fog, dust, and medical gas.

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