Dynasty of Deejays: Fleet DJ Danny T

DJ Danny T is a member of the Fleet DJs who services the DMdannytV (D.C., Maryland and Virginia) area.  His interested in deejaying began in 1984, after viewing a Run DMC performance on television and seeing Jam Master Jay use two (2) turntables to play music, which inspired him.

Three (3) years later he purchased his first turntables, created a rap group with dancers and entered into a talent contest in Maryland, which they won.

Later, he began to produce mixtapes and beats in his own studio.  He became the CEO of Wheels of Production, co-owner of Millennial-X Entertainment and DJDT radio.  Wheels of Production is a mobile DJ company, Millennial-X Entertainment is a multi-op corporation and DJDT is his internet radio station.

DJDT Radio is diverse with different genres of music playing on specific days.  DJDT can be heard on www.djdtradio.com and TuneIn.  Danny T has plans to expand the station by adding additional deejays.

DJ Danny T is also a resident deejay for the Christian club Cave Live

Partnering with a long-time friend, DJ Danny T is set to open Charm Lounge which is located in Baltimore.

Booking:  www.djdannyt.com

Email:  dj@djdannyt.com.

Promotions:  music@djdannyt.com

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