Wednesday | August 4, 2021

Featured Artist: Aakosya

Aakosya (pronounced uh-ko-see-uh) in the Ghanaian culture is the name given for a female born on Sunday.  From the age of three (3) Aakosya quickly realized that she is very passionate about singing, and from there, her musical talents began to flourish.  Aakosya has been working to become an accomplished entertainer, since her early teenage years. She has always loved to sing, and early on her love for music and the urge to perform grew stronger.  Before traveling on to pursue a solo career, Aakosya developed more artistry talents of writing and producing her sound through a childhood group. But with dreams come disappointments, the group decided to part ways.

   With her feet to the pavement, Aakosya set out to make her dreams become a reality; despite the adversities she faced as she developed into a woman.   Aakosya feels that a woman should be strong, sexy, and independent without succumbing to the stereo-typical Hip-Hop or pop perspectives that the media loves to exploit. Aakosya would love the opportunity to share her voice and genuine lyrics; which are a breath of fresh air with the world. Look for Aakosya to create music that everyone will enjoy.

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