Access Unlocked Beyonce drops a hot new video with Blue Ivy making an appearance

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Photo of Blue Ivy appearing in Beyonce new video “Formation”

Access Unlocked Sunday February 7, 2016 –  Once again Beyonce is blowing up the internet, by dropping her hot new single “Formation.” In ultimate Queen Bey fashion, she released the video the day before her Superbowl performance.

The singer speaks about her heritage and refers to herself as a Texas Bama with hot sauce in her purse.  The lovely Ms. Blue Ivy makes a guest appearance, in a dress while sporting a well rounded beautiful Afro.

Queen Bey also shuts down haters and empowers at the same time, calling those corny who talks about Illuminati while speaking about working hard to get what you want.

Near the end of the video the writing stop shooting us is seen, which speaks towards police brutality.


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