Dynasty of DeeJays with DJ Bling

Joseph ”DJ Bling” Thompson has been an integral member of the Austin, Texas music scene since September of 2008. From assisting artists in the development of their digital press kits, to arranging photo-shoots, editing bios, mastering and/or duplicating their CDs, and producing radio & TV Public Service Announcements –#PureTruthDJs, Pure Truth DJ, #DJBling, DJ Bling, #AccessUnlocked, #Austin, Access Unlocked, Austin, #FleetDJs, Fleet Djshe has continued to expand his portfolio by providing artists with management services through his new company King of Dreamz Management. DJ Bling concentrates many of his efforts into assisting the Austin Hip-Hop/Urban Music community and is especially passionate about empowering artists with the knowledge, tools, and opportunities that are necessary for them to be able to successfully showcase themselves. In addition, he is President of DJ Bling’s Back 2 School Foundation, a non-profit organization which provides free school supplies, arts education, and community resources for low-income African-American youth. He is also a 12-year veteran of the U.S Marine Corps, a graduate of Full Sail University with Bachelors of #PureTruthDJs, Pure Truth DJ, #DJBling, DJ Bling, #AccessUnlocked, #Austin, Access Unlocked, Austin, #FleetDJs, Fleet DjsScience in Music Business, Communications Manager for Capitol View Arts, Pure Truth DJ and State of Texas Manager for the Worldwide Fleet DJs.

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