Dyansty of DeeJays: DJ Giddle Giddle

 DJ Giddle Giddle is a versatile deejay out of Oklahoma now residing in Germany.  He has the ability to rock any type of event, whether its corporate or a wedding.

This Pure Truth DJ who grew up in the golden era of hip, has never been afraid to go deep or to use his musical #PureTruthDJs, Pure Truth DJs, #AccessUnlocked, Access Unlocked, #news, news, #media, #DJGiddleGiddle, DJ Giddle Giddle,selection as his therapy.  Some of his musical influences include Bad Boy, Wu-tang, Digital Underground, Outkast, West Coast Connection, No Limit, Cash Money,  Nirvana, Foo Fighters, The Off Spring,  Blondie, Cindi Lauper and The Police just to name a few.

Giddle Giddle is also a sought after producer, guitarist, percussionist, cinematographer and promoter.

DJ Giddle Giddle mixshow may be heard weekly on The Truth Talk Show Network Radio via The DJ Giddle Giddle MixShow and The World of DJs.

Follow DJ Giddle Giddle @djgiddlegiddle on social media.

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