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Legendary artist PiKaHsSo spits creative bars on D.O.C Funkyest Cypher in Dallas

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PikaHSso who is the CEO of Verbadelyck records, radio talk show host and referred to by many as a Dallas hip-hop legend has done it again, with his bar spitting performance on the “The D.O.C Funkyest Cypher.”

How does it feel to be on a track, paying homage to the D.O.C?

It feels great.

 When BMZ (Brian Mullins) said he wanted to do another cypher with Kaution, Elohim Throwed, Suave Burgundy and myself, he sent over the instrumental of D.O.C’s “It’ Funky Enough,”  for us to write to, and I was ready.

 When I heard DOC’s voice on the intro, I said to myself we are truly paying homage to one of the greats in hip-hop.  It’s one thing to go and download an instrumental from an iconic MC and just rap over it, but when that MC lends his voice to a project you are on, it feels so damn good.

 D.O.C wrote for N.W.A, worked and recorded with Dr. Dre and is a pioneer who happens to be from Dallas, Texas. I was truly energized.

 How was the cypher formulated and what other projects have you all worked on together?

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l. to r. DJ Snake of Nemesis, Elohim Throwed, PikaHsSo (center) Dr. Ling, Suave Burgandy, Kaution, Brian BMZ Mullins

On our first cypher “Exhibit A,” we lyrically going in are going in on Jay Electronica, with the beat production by Just Blaze. 

“Exhibit A “and the “Funkyest Cypher” were recorded and mixed by Dallas Rap Icon DJ Snake of Nemesis.

 It is always a pleasure to work with an industry great, such as DJ Snake.

 BMZ (Brian Mullins) who is known for doing rap cypher videos, formulated the project. 

 I remember being in the studio recording with DJ Snake and we were discussing what it would be like to have the D.O.C’s seal of approval.  We also spoke about recapturing the reggae appeal of the song and that is when I stated, we should get Dr. Ling.  DJ Snake and BMZ contacted Dr. Ling to do his thing on the track.

 We shot the video on July 14th and 15th at the Mockingbird Station.  Suave had an idea to shoot the video in the place where Robert E. Lee statue once stood, which was a symbol of injustice and racism.

 The video was released on August 23rd and gained national attention.

 What did you think about the outcome of the finished product? 

 I loved the finished project. 

 When I left the recording, I knew the engineering was in the capable hands of DJ Snake and the outcome was going to be up to the industry standards and the sound was going to be magical.

 I was not disappointed, because Snake is one of the best behind the board.

 What do you think the song and D.O.C mean to Dallas?

 Man, I love this question.  In my song “Dinner,” I said thank you to Tracy Lynn (D.O.C) you’ve opened

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up “The Doors,” like Jim Morrison and it is time for me to score.  I put that into my song because whether people want to admit it or not, the D.O.C was the first lyricist to do things on a global scale for our city, Dallas.

 Some people may say he did not shout out Dallas with his first album “No One Can Do It Better,” but I have watched D.O.C over the past decade and he has tried to show love to MCs around the DFW (Dallas/Fort Worth) area.  When you are eighteen (18) years-old and involved with powerful music machines such as Dr. DRE and NWA, it is easy to get caught up in the madness.  I knew deep down in his heart, this DFW legend has always had love for the metroplex. 

 As a matter of fact, in his “Formula” video at around 4 minutes and 51 seconds, a guy is seen with a Dallas Texas T-shirt on and at the beginning of “Mind Blowin,” DOC can be seen wearing a Dallas Cowboys hat.

 Think of it like this, if it was not for the D.O.C some of the most iconic gangsta rap songs may have never been heard from the mouths of NWA.

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l to r Elohim Throwed, PiKaHsSo, Suave Burgandy and Kaution

 D.O.C is considered to be a Dallas legend and so are you, how does that make you feel?

 People often refer to me as a legend.

  I can see why people considered the D.O.C to be a legend, he has done a lot for people and has worked with some of the greats.  I am not on some low self-esteem feeling sorry for myself vibe, but I still have not done that one thing in hip-hop to solidify myself as a true Dallas legend.

 At first, I use to think people were saying I was old when they referred to me as a legend.  As I reflected on some of my accomplishments The Starvyn Artist, Dysphunkshunal, Redrumm Recordz, PPT, The Dirty South Block Party Radio Show, Dallaspeeps.com, Eargazum Cds, The Cyphers, The TrapHouse Sitcom, Fat Albert N The Hood Cartoon Voiceovers and much more, it makes me think maybe I am a true Dallas Rap Legend. 

 I would be lying if I said being a Dallas rap legend does not feel good.  I will leave that title for the people to decide.  A true hip-hop legend does not have to say a word, those words will be spoken for him.  As a matter of fact, I was walking around the mall and a man and his son saw me walking into Footlocker and he whispered to his son, that’s PiKaHsSo he is a Dallas legend and it made me feel good.

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If you had the opportunity to work other Dallas legends, who would it be and why?

 There are several iconic people I would love to create and work with.

 Erykah Badu continues to put out dope projects.  She and I are both from South Dallas, and it would make sense for us to collaborate. DJ Snake and I would create something good for the Dallas culture.  Kottonmouth stood up for Dallas hip-hop when it was not cool to do so, it would be great to link up with him and work. I wouldn’t mind working with Big Tuck, Tum Tum, RC Williams, Shaun Martin, and Madukwu Chinwah because they are so cold with the live instruments. Reconnecting with longtime friend and producers Poindexter aka Delon Crawford and Cho the Golden Child would be awesome. They worked with me when I was young, and no one knew who I was. Doing more stuff with Gugu of Redrumm Recordz who is also cold with the camera would be great.  I cannot forget N’Dambi, who is just a naturally gifted human being.

 These people are truly Dallas legends, in my eyes.

What are the next projects for PiKaHsSo?                                                                     

I am currently working on three (3) projects, the video for my single “Nothing,” which was released in February of this year, my album “The South Dallas Griot,” which will be released soon and a mini-movie video called “Honesty.”

 “Nothing” will be directed by longtime collaborator Marcellus Suber of Timewarped Studios. 

 “The South Dallas Griot” is being produced by Big HubThe Beat Nerd” and Solefood.  These two are giving me that organic subterranean hip-hop sound that I have been looking for. 

 “Honesty” will be a Magnum Opus event.

Where should we go, to find additional information about your project?

Visit my website Pikahsso.com and follow me on all social media (Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and Youtube).

Author:  Kaye TheTruth

Article courtesy of Access Unlocked DFW

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