Featured Dynasty of DJ: Pure Truth DJ Special K

#AccessUnlocked, Access Unlocked, #puretruthdjs, Pure Truth Djs, #Wethehottest, We the Hottest, DJs, #DJs, #Arkansas, Arkansas, #radioFrom Arkansas to Dallas and throughout the United States, DJ Special K is widely recognized.

This Pure Truth DJ began displaying his talent at an early age without turntables, but with a razor blade, scotch tape and cassette tape recorder with a direct pause button. Special K would record songs off the radio hours at a time, once the recordings were complete, he would then physically cut the tape to edit out commercials and deejay talk. Next, he would use the scotch tape to blend the music together, hence needing a direct pause button. His well-executed “mixtape,” was a perfect blend of all the hottest songs, which he blasted at his middle school track meets, using a jam box.  Special K continued the tradition through high school, rocking Friday night parties after football and basketball games.

His gift of showcasing music gained him popularity in college.  Special K became the featured DJ for Kappa weekend, at the University of Arkansas at Fayetteville (Razorbacks).

Special K’s dad also ran a popular nightclub, in Arkansas. However, it took this talented DJ approximately two (2) years, to earn his way to the DJ booth and before given his own club night.

Currently, Special K is featured on two (2) FM radio stations, Power 92 Jams (KIPR) and Streetz 101.1 (KZTS) where he can be heard, mixing the latest hip hop and RnB, with featured throwback mixes on Sundays. He is also a featured DJ on the digital station, Pure Truth Radio.  On Saturday nights, he can be found at the Daiquiri Shoppe in Carrollton, Texas, playing the hottest sounds.

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