Wednesday | August 4, 2021

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Saturday’s Speak On It: I give her money but she don’t take care of the kids

I faithfully give my ex-girlfriend over a $1,000 dollars a month cash, to support our two (2) children and now I have

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Saturday’s Speak-On-It: My man is in prison and he wants me to be faithful

Dear Speak On It, For five (5) years, I was madly in love with the father of my three (3) children.  Things were

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Speak-On-It: Why did BET not air the Million Man March

Dear Speak-On-It Please help me to understand as to why, there was no media coverage regarding the Million Man March???  One would think,

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Speak-On-It: Black on Black Crime

Dear Speak-On-It, Many people are focused on police brutality mainly impacting African Americans, who is focused on the black on black crime?

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Speak-on-It: No longer a criminal but I am still treated as such

Dear Speak-on-It, I am a forty-three (43) year-old woman who was charged with credit card fraud at the age of twenty-two (22). 

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Speak-On-It: McKinney, Texas police officer detains, cusses and pulls gun on black youth

Sunday June 07, 2015 – A video has surfaced on social media of black teens being detained, handcuffed, cussed at and gun