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Voter registration deadline extended for Florida

Access Unlocked Tuesday October 11, 2016  A federal judge has extended voter registration in Florida until Wednesday due to Hurricane Matthew. Florida Governor

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Hillary Clinton is ill

Access Unlocked Monday September 12, 2016 After visting Ground Zero, Hillary Clinton became visibly ill.  The presidential candidate became and bit shaky

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Dustin Moskovitz to give millions to help Clinton defeat Trump

Access Unlocked Friday September 9, 2016  Dustin Moskovitz who is the co-founder of Facebook, announced he and his wife Cari Tuna, will give

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A new sex scandal for former Congressman Anthony Weiner

Access Unlocked Monday August 29, 2016 According to the New York Post, former New York Congressman Anthony Weiner,  who is also married

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Obama finally visits Louisiana after being on vacation

Access Unlocked Wednesday August 24, 2016 After being on vacation at Martha Vineyard, President Obama stepped in the state of Louisiana following

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Melania Trump has placed Daily Mail media outlet on notice

Access Unlocked August 23, 2016  Allegedly Donald Trump’s wife Melania may sue the Daily Mail, along with other media outlets for making disparaging

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Former DC Mayor Marion Barry’s son has died of an overdose

Access Unlocked Monday August 16, 2015-  At the age of thirty-six (36), Marion Christopher Barry the son of the late District of Columbia Mayor Marion

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National GOP Security Experts are not for Donald Trump

Access Unlocked Tuesday August 9, 2016 – More than fifty (50) Republican security experts, believe Donald Trump is a security risk.  The

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Former Klan leader David Duke will run for a Senate seat

Access Unlocked Friday July 22, 2016 It has been announced that David Duke who was once the Grand Wizard (National Director) for

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A recommendation of no charges have been submitted for Clinton

Access Unlocked Tuesday July 5, 2016 According to reports, the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) has suggested no charges should be brought