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Artist Atmosphere: Everyone is wondering, who exactly is Monsta Kodi?

Everyone is asking, “who is Monsta Kodi?” Monsta Kodi continues to drop single after single while gaining national attention but not many

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Artist Atmosphere: New York Artist VAIN

Vain is a well-known New York Hip Hop artist who is known for his lyrical skill, outstanding world play and hot stage presence. 

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Artist Atmosphere: Fat Boy Rhymer

AU:  Access Unlocked saw you perform in North Carolina at the Fleet and Nerve DJ Conference and you definitely brought the energy.

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Artist Atmosphere: Tayson

Tayson is an artist from Cincinnati, OH who has taken the music industry by storm. He has twenty-six (26) thousand plays on

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Artist Atmosphere Exclusive: Waka Flock drops hot new single Workin

On Tuesday August 18, 2015, Wocka Flaka held a conference call to discuss the release of his single Workin.  The single has

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Artist Exclusive: 99 Back Yard Party DJ Intro R. Kelly


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Artists Legend: Access Unlocked exclusive interview with Obie Trice as he drops his HOT new album The HangOver

August 7, 2015 – Access Unlocked is excited about having the opportunity to step inside the world of Hip Hop artist Obie

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Artist Atmosphere: MykFresh

MykFresh is taking the music industry by storm, with his hit My Main. Prior to My Main, MykFresh was featured on Lil

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Artist Atmosphere: SaulPaul rapper, singer and Classical Acoustic Guitar player

Access Unlocked is honored to have the opportunity to interview rapper, singer, guitar player Saul Paul. Who is SaulPaul?? Q:   Did you come

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Artist Atmosphere: Lil Ronnie MothAF – Mr. Throw Dat

Access Unlocked is excited about having the opportunity to sit down with Lil Ronnie MothAF!!! We found him to be very talented, motivating and