Business Woman: Paper Inc. Records CEO and Radio Personality Taelar Made

Who is Taelar Made?

Taelar Made who is originally from Rivera Beach, Florida is a mogul in the making.  She is a former video vixen and hip hop artisttaelarmades from the duo rap group Eye Candy which also featured Ms. Hollywood.

The multifaceted Taelar Made is currently the CEO of a major record label called Paper Inc. Records which covers all genres of music and is also the music home of twelve (12) artists.  When she is not at the office of Paper Inc. Records, she can be found doing commercials, voice overs or on the radio show The Urban Experience.

Taelar Made has been mentored by two (2) legends in the music industry, Too Short and Pimp C.  The death of Pimp C caused Taelar Made to take a step back and reflect on what she truly wanted to do in the music industry.  Following the short hiatus, she formed Paper Inc. Records.

This business woman has shown she is definitely “Taelar Made,” with her versatility and ability to adapt to any and every role.

Question:  What do you enjoy about being the CEO of a record label?  

Answer:  I enjoy being a boss and at the same time assisting people with getting where they want to go.  I am here to prevent others from making the same mistakes which I have made and to make better moves.  

Question:  What has been a major obstacle you had to overcome by being a lady in the industry?  

taelarmadeAnswer:  It would be dealing with the men in the industry.  Regardless of their race or age, they are usually thinking one (1)  of two (2) things:  A.  I wonder if I can have sex with her or B. What is this bitch doing here.   

Question:  What caused you to go from fifteen (15) artists to twelve (12).  Would you consider your previous artists, difficult to manage?  

Answer:  I had to trim the fat, for varies reason. From artists not valuing my opinion, not taking their career serious and making poor choices.  

Questions:  Which Paper Inc. Record artist would you say has improved the most? 

Answer:  It would have to be seventeen (17) year-old Lil Tazz .  He is serious about his craft, his music is amazing and he’s a superstar.

Question:  What is the ultimate goal for your label.

Answer: Of course I want Paper Inc. Records to be a successful brand and label.  We cover all genres of music, from Hip Hop, Pop, Gospel, Christian to Contemporary Christian and at the end of the day,  I want everyone to realize the success was achieved by a young African American lady.  I want the little black girls in neighborhood and inner city to realize they can be successful too.

Question:  When it comes to business, what is your thought process?taelarmade

taelarmadeAnswer:  I believe you should always educate yourself, understand your brand and create additional sources of revenue streams.  I have my cosmetology license as well, because you never know what may happen.  You have to be prepared. 

Question:  Tell us about the radio show and commercials.

Answer:  I am apart of a radio show which airs on Thursdays for both Dade County and FAU colleges called the Urban Experience with DJ Samore.

I do commercials and voice overs for 99 Jamz and 103.5 in Florida.  

Question:  What can we expect in the next six (6) months from Paper Inc.  Records?

Answer:  We have BET, A3C and the HBU homecomings and classics coming up.  Together with ACE Magazine, we will  complete some music compilations.


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