Tuesday | June 22, 2021

Featured Business Woman – Dana Benson

#DanaBenson, Dana Benson, #accessunlocked, Access Unlocked, #news, news, #media, #PublicRelations, Public RelationsDana Benson is an extremely seasoned Entertainment Manager.  She has her Bachelor’s Degree from Michigan State University in Communications specializing in Public Relations, she also has a Degree in Business Management, which is valuable in the aspect of running a business.  Dana has spent the last several years perfecting skills in Artist Management and Development, as well as A&R.  Dana fully understands what it is like behind the scenes.  Dana has had many experiences due to her many travels across the United States and Worldwide that makes her an expert in what an Artist truly needs.  The following is a quick listing of the impressive skill set Dana has in her resume…

  • Artist Management & Development
  • Promotions to Radio, Television and Record Labels
  • Booking Agent for Shows and Tours
  • Album Release Parties
  • Event Planning
  • Public Relations
  • Travel & Hospitality Arranging & Itinerary Management


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