Artist Atmosphere: Keith “Suge Bands” Twyman Jr.

Born and raised on the Southside of Chicago, Keith “Suge Bands” Twyman had always had an extreme passion for rap music. Watching his father control crowds with the rhythms of music intrigued Keith and he was proud of the dj equipment his father one day handed down to him.  At the age of six, Keith used to recite short raps in his grandmothers back yard and may ha#sugeBands, Suge Bands, #AccessUnlocked, Access Unlocked, #PureTruthDJs, Pure Truth DJs, Pure Truth LLC, Chicago, Chicago,ve struck a nerve with some elders because of the content. That didn’t slow him down though. Keith bought rap tapes to listen to artists such as Dr. Dre, Too Short, and RUN DMC and this helped him develop a keen sense of what making music was all about. He couldn’t help but think of his future and one day becoming a star and it was then that his dream took off.

As Keith got older, he mastered the art of creating a carefree environment with music at parties and school events but his love for rapping never ceased. Keith decided that he wanted to help other artists expose their craft to the world.  With some childhood friends of his, and the intense love for money, KREAM Team was established. With Wu Tang’s motto “Dolla, Dolla, Bills,” ringing in their heads, the young men took on opportunities to perform at parties on and off campus and traveled to different cities to do small concerts. These shows fueled Keith even more and he wanted to showcase the talented artists he performed with.

In 2000, Keith got the bright idea to bring other artists into the spotlight full force. “I invested funds into talented people who showed no effort, so needless to say, things didn’t go well,” he commented. He was referring to his vision of KREAM Entertainment; his production company that became a reality and incorporated in 2004. Keith released KREAM of the KROP Vol. 1, that year as well, and it got a good buzz and led to him and a few of the artists from KREAM Team opening up for showcases in front of thousands of people. He was excited to open for established artists such as Nas, Kelis, The Clipse, Spice1, and Twista.

In 2004, Keith attended Northern Illinois University for Business Administration and Electrical Engineering but his love for music remained at the forefront. While continuing to build his empire, Keith, who went by the name of “Lil Suge” at the time, released Kash Rules Everything Around Me in 2005. Shortly after, in 2006, Keith release an EP entitled Take a Look At Me. There was no question that he was maturing with every album he dropped.  His friends began to notice his continuing growth and hustle and started to call him Suge Bands, which stuck with him from then on. His words became more clear, meaningful, and full of emotion. It wasn’t only about having a nice beat; He wanted others to “feel him” through his music. While still releasing singles, Keith went on to drop KREAM of the KROP Vol. 2. in 2007 and The Suge Exchange Vol.1 in 2012.  He also had the privilege of opening for larger acts as the time went on. Lil Wayne, Rick Ross, and French Montana, which are known worldwide, are some remarkable artists that he was able to open for.

Keith continued to grow in his music and he had his upbringing to thank for that. “Growing up on the Southside had sha#sugeBands, Suge Bands, #AccessUnlocked, Access Unlocked, #PureTruthDJs, Pure Truth DJs, Pure Truth LLC, Chicago, Chicago, ped me. I’ve seen all there is to be seen and lived through some heavy stuff. I never let it stop me and people in my neighborhood showed me love and support which was enough to keep me going,” smiled Keith.

Currently, Suge Exchange Vol 1. is in the works and will be pushed by Dj Kool Ant by heavy marketing via the internet. In 2012, Blowing Rubberbands had a big impact through radio rotation from Chicago’s own Dj Pharris (Real Radio) and Dj Nehpets (nSoci3ty Radio). Harley, (2013) has been rotated by various Dj’s in different cities and countries. Habit, which was released earlier this year, has gotten a lot of love from Dj Freddy B. (Heavy Hitters), which broadcasts on the Clear Channel radio station overseas and has been played by Dj Vdub of WGCI radio station in Chicago. Coast 2 Coast, one of the largest Dj coalitions in the world, has also caught wind of this phenomenal artist and wanted the world to know abou
t. They have played his single Habit on radio shows, and also featured it in the February edition of their magazine publication. All three of these singles were quickly felt and embrace by the Power 92 family.

Keith’s love for money is evident when listening to his rhymes and that love gets more intense with every move he makes. He has worked with different underground artists but his dream is to work with artists such as Future, R. Kelly, and Keyshia Cole. Since he listens to artists in different genres, his music will continue to evolve. “It’s important to know music if you want to make good music,” Keith added. Yo Gotti, Shawty Lo, and Young Dro are a few artists that Keith will be opening up for later this year.

In the near future Keith has plans of launching his own clothing line as well as appearing
in films. He believes that sacrifice and positivity got him where he is today. “Nothing came easy. I can’t ever get comfortable. It’s important to always be humble but persistent. Others can’t see the vision that you dream so you have to make them see it. You have to know how to motivate and inspire yourself,” said Keith. He plans to continue to work with people in his community but wants #sugeBands, Suge Bands, #AccessUnlocked, Access Unlocked, #PureTruthDJs, Pure Truth DJs, Pure Truth LLC, Chicago, Chicago, to focus more on the youth “After all that I have been through and how successful I have become, I want to support my community, the way they supported me.”

Suge Bands has recently released his hit song “Better Run,” which has gained national attention.  His sound is currently in rotation on several radio stations, which includes the Nerve DJs and The Truth Talk Show Network Radio.  Suge Bands is scheduled to kick off his touring in June at the CaJoKai We Run It! Conference in Dallas, Texas.


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