Artist Atmosphere: Indianapolis artist Fazle speaks about his new album Earn Your Wings

Fazle is an independent hip hop artist who resides in Indianapolis, Indiana.  He has traveled throughout the United States performing in some of the hottest venues.  Some of his recent accomplishments include opening for mega superstar Chris Brown and now the release of his debut album, “Earn Your Wings.” Earn Your Wings is a hype song filled with high energy.  There are several producers worked on the project, including Joey French.  Joey French produced Waka Flaka’s track “Rumors.”

Fazle continues to strive to reach for the stars and ascend instead of remaining stagnant, which was the inspiration behind his sixteen (16) song album “Earn Your Wings.”

Fazle describes his style as unique, versatile, diverse and energized.

Upcoming Tours:

South by Southwest

Catch the Wave

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