Artist Atmosphere: Hometeam

Hometeam (HT) is a South Florida group consisting of five (5) members, One, Sk (SpinnKing), G-Code, Rucci Dalla, and Smokeyy B.The group is highly recognized for their sound which they refer to as TecMusic. TecMusic  incorporates their performance vehicles and music, which is a part of the HT movement.

The HT movement has taken the music industry by storm with the release of their single “Ain’t Too Many” and now their song “Riding wit that Thang.”  The group can be seen packing out major venue with loyal followers.


Front in white: Rucci Dalla, G-Code, SK and One

Hometeam” originated in 1996, with a group of friends from various Caribbean Islands who believed in family first above all and respect.  The group was formed in Brooklyn, New York. It grew into a group of brothers who throughout the years always held each other down in any situation. The musically aspect was always apart of Hometeam’s identity even recording and performing a bit in the early 2000’s. It was short lived when the street life turned into federal prison time for the artists Daddy O, Toast and One.

In 2010, Troy Barnes (One) was released from federal prison which led his younger brother Timothy Barnes (SK) to take initiative in forming the Hometeam into a corporation. In addition to One and SK the other major players are Brittany Barnes (Smokeyy B) One and SK’s sister, Goethz Laurent (G-Code) who attended high school with SK and Rucci Dalla who is G-Code’s childhood friend.

The Hometeam expanded its brand with music, fashion, novels, documentaries and notably the groups ability to build high performance engines for vehicles such as Hondas and Acuras.

Instagram: HT_Entertainment  & HT_Performance

Twitter: HTENT

Sound Cloud:  HT_ENT





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