Artist Atmosphere: Fat Boy Rhymer

AU:  Access Unlocked saw you perform in North Carolina at the Fleet and Nerve DJ Conference and you definitely brought the energy.   Why are you so hyped?

FBRBecause I am blessed.  I have to thank GOD for everything.  If you do not have fun with what you are doing fatthen it is a waste of time.  I am a performer.  I have to give the people a show each and every time.  First impression is the best impression.

AU: You changed the color of you beard to red, what was the reason for the change?

FBR:  When everyone else is doing the same thing, I have to be different.  I had to do something to standout.

Question: Your song Petty has gained a lot of recognition, causing the Hip Hop community to use the word more often.  Why a video and song for that word?

FBR: I had a girl, who “tried” me in Miami.  We agreed we were going to be down for each other or just be sex partners, and she changed it up on me.  So basically, when someone put some bullshit out there instead of cussing them out, just calling them petty.  That one word hurts.

Question:  You received the Coast 2 Coast Diamond 2015 Best Performance of the Year award, how did that feel?

FBR:  It felt good just to know people recognize my performance and stage presence. My job is to make everyone a fan.  I will take my shirt and dye my beard red to get your attention.  Whenever I step on stage, my job is to put on a show.

Question:  In the entertainment industry, everyone is always trying to lose weight to fit in.  Do you see Fat Boy Rhymer becoming slimmer and potentially changing your name? 

FBR:  Nawl, I ain’t losing shyt.  I smoke a lot of weed and I am going to cut down on that but I will continue to eat.  I will stay Fat Boy Rhymer.

AU:  My song right now from Fat Boy Rhymer is Petty and Old Days.  What is Old Days about?

FBR:  Old Days is about how I got started in the streets of Miami. If you have not been to Miami, you may not be able to relate.  I speak about my struggles, growth and becoming this big artist and DJs over the years.

FAT BOY RHYMERAU:  You are a DJ and a Hip Hop artists how do you balance that? 

FBR: I have DJs, who are under me.  So days when I have to be in the studio or on my daddy duties someone is able to takeover.

AU:  Is there one profession you enjoy more than the other?

FBR:  I am actually a DJ, artist and promoter.  I would have to say, I enjoy being an artist most of all.  I get on stage and perform for about fifteen (15) minutes and get paid thousands.

AU:  What has been the hardest struggle for you?

FBR: The hardest struggle has been getting the music which I do out.  Everyone does not want to play booty shaking music which is what I make. I have to fight with DJs so hard in certain cities to get it played.  I tell them, people want to party and girls want to shake their ass, play this.  Everyone does not want to hear shooting up or dope dealing music.

AU:  By being a DJ is it not easier, to get your music in the clubs?

FBR:  In Miami I can break my own music in the club, because I run the club.  I am considered an OG.  I have been DJing since the age of twelve (12).  By the age of seventeen (17) I was the shit.

I would like to thank Access Unlocked and Kaye TheTruth for the interview.

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