Police Officer shoots family dog at a birthday party

Access Unlocked Friday July 22, 2016 In Wynnewood, Oklahoma during a five (5) year-old little boy’s birthday party, as the family were getting ready to serve ice cream and cake, a police officer shot and killed the family’s three Oklahoma, Opie, Eli Malone, Access Unlocked, #AccessUnlocked, #vickyMalone, (3) year old Pit Bull and American Boxer mix dog.

The officer claims, the dog Opie launched at the officer as he stepped property, through a fence.

The officer was on the property to serve a warrant, however the renter Vickie Malone said, no warrant was shown.

According to reports, the officer fired three (3) shots from a high powered rifle, with two (2) of the shots taking place in from of the children.

The old warrant was for Shon McNiel who  had not lived on the property in many years.

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