Mississippi nationally known artist Ju Ju Swag Shawty talks about life and his new single “She Know What to Do.”

JUJU Shawty SwagCarl Rumbley also known as Ju Ju Swag Shawty was born in the Philippines and at an early age moved to Mississippi.  He is considered to be the first, Filipino hip hop artist.  Ju Ju Swag is also a well-known producer and pianist, who grew up in Mississippi’s Lakehill projects, also known as “Deville.”  Being surrounded by drugs and violence, provided Ju Ju with the visual and mental guidance for his music.

He became interested in rap at the age of eight (8), after watching a Cash Money video on television.  At the age of thirteen (13), he record his first song, “Ya’ll Don’t Want It With Me.”

Since 2011, Ju Ju has been signed to Souf State Connected Records, an independent label located in Jackson, Mississippi.  His first single of the label “Shawty Hit the Floor,” gained a lot of attention in the streets.  “She Got That Thang Jumpin” produced by Trendsetterz and his new single “She Know What to Do,” produced by Boogieonthetrack, has also gained national attention and both are in rotation on several radio stations.

AU:  With you being the first Filipino rapper, how do you plan to bring rap to the forefront as it relates to your culture?

Ju Ju:  I am proud of my culture, I will continue to place myself on a pedestal and set a great example for others to follow.

AU:  How would you describe your sound?

Ju Ju: I can’t put a description to my sound, it’s versatile.  When I step into the studio, nothing is written, my lyrics are based off ofJu Ju Swag Shawty emotions.  Whatever I am feeling that day, is what I go in the booth and do.

AU:  You also play the piano, how long have you been playing?

Ju Ju: I began playing the piano, about nine (9) years ago.   I have not taken classes but anything I hear, I can play.

AU: Why did you become a producer and which of your songs have your produced?

Ju Ju:  I became a producer, because I could not find anyone to make the type of beat, I was looking for.  Off my album “Philippine Plug,” which was released in 2015, I produced “No Way,” “Bricks Like Craig” and “Run Dem Bandz Up.”

Once I learned the program and played the beat in my head, I knew I could make it.

AU:  If you had an opportunity, to share the stage or do a feature with an artist, who would it be?

Ju Ju:  It would definitely have to be Jay or Kendrick.  They have that everlasting sound.

AU:  In the next couple of months, what are the plans for Ju Ju?

Ju Ju:  Before the summer, we will drop the Ghetto Dreams mixtape.  I am also working on an album and I will continue to promote my brand and music.

Social Media:  @JuJuSwagShawty

For more information and/or booking, contact Ju Ju’s CEO, Lex Luga at 601-669-6152 or sscmarketinggroup@yahoo.com.

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