Elizabeth Warren calls Trump a thin skinned racist bully

Access Unlocked Friday June 10, 2016 – Massachusetts Senator Elizabeth Warren, recently announced her endorsement of Hillary Clinton, as presumptive Democratic presidential nominee.

At the American Constitution Society (ACS) Convention yesterday, Warren did not hold back any punches, when she unleashed her thoughts about Donald Trump.

The Senator point out, how Donald Trump, has been bashing defenseless Southern District of California  Judge Gonzalo Curiel.  Curiel is one (1) of the judges, presiding over the lawsuits against Trump University.  According to Warren, Curiel is bound by a code of juridical ethics and therefore, the judge is unable to respond to Trump.

A total of three (3) lawsuits, have been filed against Trump University. The lawsuits are claiming,  Trump University took in an estimated $40 million dollars, through fraud and deception.  Two (2) of the cases are held in California with other being in New York.

Trump stated, Curiel has an “inherent conflict of interest,” because of his “Mexican heritage,” due to the fact Trump plans to build a wall along the U.S.-Mexico border.

Warren referred to Trump as a “thin skinned racist.”  She also said, “he should be ashamed of himself.”

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