Big Coup speaks about his new single “Only If You Knew” and album “There is No God”

Access Unlocked – Big Coup first signed a record deal in 2001 with tbig_coupe, scrufacehe group ICONZ who is known for their international hit song Get Fucked Up.  After changing his name from Scruface he went on to form his record label, Fish Bowl Music.

Big Coup has worked with some major heavy hitters in the music industry from, Lil Kim, Rick Ross, Beenie Man and Trick Daddy to name a few.

Question:  What prompted you to become a hip hop artist?

My family is Jamaican, so I originally started off with Reggae music.  When I heard the song “The Message,” by Grand Masterflash and the Sugar Hill Gang’s album, I knew that is what I wanted to do.  At the age of ten (10) I began to write my own songs and I have never stopped.

Question:  When did you first hit the stage to perform?

My first performance was in elementary for the school.

Opening up for Redman at “The Pack Jam,” which was a club from back in the day, was my first professional show.  The venue was packed wall to wall with people.

Question:  Tell us about your single, “Only If You Knew?”

Answer: All three (3) verses of the song “Only If You Knew,” is about parts of my life.  The majority of people watch you from a distance and
they only see the cars, glamour, interviews or pictures in a magazine, without knowing about the blood and sweat which it took to make those things happen.

The average artists  will struggle for many years, before he or she gets paid.

Question:  Why did you change your name from Scruface to Big Coup?

Answer:  When I was with the ICONZ there was a lot of negativity which was synonymous with the name Scruface. There was a lot of drugs and wild behavior which was conductive to me not living very long.   I was a different type of person then.

Big Coup brings about a different vibe which shows the remade and remodeled me.

Question:  What is up with the title of your album, “There is No God?”

Answer:  Look at the world around us and the suffering.  Everyone has their beliefs and if you don’t believe what they believe, then you are the one going to hell.

We all have a certain amount of God like qualities within, which allows us to control our own destiny.

In order to keep control of the masses, you must have them in fear of something.

Question:  When is the album dropping?

Answer:  We are doing all the preliminary work to get the album out and digitally ready.  We have enough music to drop three (3) albums consistently without recording.  The game plan is to drop some singles for a warm up, then drop the album and two (2) months later drop another album.

The distribution deal is already set up.

Questions: How would you describe the sound coming off the album, “There is No God?”

Answer:    The sounds I bring to the album is not like anyone else, it’s authenticate, different and unique.

Questions: When will you be touring?

Answer:  Once the single is in rotation, we will begin touring.

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**The project is based off of family so most everything is under Big Coup aka Stephen Alexander**


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