10 yr sentence for Amber Guyger

Access Unlocked Wednesday October 2, 2019 The prosecution requested a minimum of twenty-eight (28) years in prison for Amber Guyger, and the jury came back with ten (10) and no fine, in the murder case of Botham Jean.

Once the announcement was made, Guyger swiftly exited the courtroom, without her face being fully displayed.

In the hallway of the court, yelling erupted with people shouting, “no justice no peace.”

The maximum sentence for the murder crime was ninety-nine (99) years, with a minimum of five (5) of incarceration.

Later in the courtroom, Brant Jean (Botham’s brother) gave Guyger a hug and stated he wanted the best for her. He also said, he did not want her to go to jail

Author: Kimberly “Kaye TheTruth” Mason

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