Teenager arrested for library shooting

#Clovislibrary, Clovis Library, #news, news, media, #media, #Shooting, #CNN, #MSNBC, msnbc, #AccessUnlocked, Access UnlockedAccess Unlocked Tuesday August 29, 2017 A teenager was arrested for the shooting which took place at the Clovis Carver Public Library in New Mexico.  The incident claimed the lives of two (2) women.

The victims were identified as sixty-one (61) year-old Wanda Waters and forty-eight (48) year-old Kristina Carter.

Once authorities arrived at the library, Nathaniel Jouett surrendered.

It is unclear as to what prompted the shooting.

The sixteen (16) year-old, faces two (2) first degree murder charges.

Four (4) others were hopitalized following the incident.

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