Speak-On-It: Why did BET not air the Million Man March

Dear Speak-On-It

Please help me to understand as to why, there was no media coverage regarding the Million Man March???  One would think, the ground breaking event would be aired on BET (Black Entertainment Television), but they dropped the ball as well.


Confused about BET

Hello Confused about BET,

betAllow me to shed some light on the situation.  BET does stand for Black Entertainment Television, however the network is not black owned.  The parent company of BET is Viacom, with billionaire Sumner Redstone and his family being the majority.

It is safe to say, if there are no true “black” owned media outlets.  Therefore, positive or negative “issues” impacting the African Americans community may not be seen.   

Food for thought: Last night BET did air their music award show. Which would you say has more substance, the BET Music Awards or the Million Man March. Once you answer that question, you will understand the state of the world.




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