Speak-On-It: McKinney, Texas police officer detains, cusses and pulls gun on black youth

Sunday June 07, 2015 – A video has surfaced on social media of black teens being detained, handcuffed, cussed at and gun pulled on by a McKinney Texas police officer.  The officer was shown to have complete lack of control.

Black male teens were seen standing on a curb as other teens informs the officer, they were not involved.  Later, those same teens were seen sitting on the curb, as a officer states you happen to be the ones who were caught. There was a significant amount of non-black teens in the area, but only the black male and females were harassed.

A young lady was seen wrestled to the ground by an approximate two-hundred pound (200) officer, as a neighbor stands by condoning the officer’s cruel behavior. In another video, the same young lady was heard saying she needed her glasses and the officer responded shut up I don’t care.  Prior to wrestling the young lady on the ground, the officer draws his guns on black male youths who attempted to assist the young lady.  If others officers had not prevented the shooting, multiple teens would have been injured or murdered in McKinney Texas.

There are a lot of questions McKinney police need to answer, such as:

Was profanity necessary when dealing with the kids?  Does running in uniform causes officers to become angry?  Why was a gun drawn on teens, at a party?  What was the officer’s intentions with the gun?  Was it necessary for the officer wrestle they young lady and keep his knee in her back?  Does the officers know, what resisting arrest is (the officer stated the young lady was resisting arrest but she could not move)?   Was the officers using reverse psychology on the teens, to make them feel guilty for the chaos which happened (when clearly the officers were out of control)?

What type of training is in place for McKinney police?


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