Speak-On-It: Black on Black Crime

Dear Speak-On-It,

photo: sojo.net

photo: sojo.net

Many people are focused on police brutality mainly impacting African Americans, who is focused on the black on black crime?  Who is killing more people of color blacks or the cops?

Just Curious

Dear Just Curious,

That is a great questions.  I do not have the statistics to perform a comparison.  What I will say all races kill within their race and police officers kill armed and unarmed people in every race.  In my opinion a magnifying glass is placed on police brutality because those officers have been sworn in to protect and server and not to protect and harm.

Blacks killing blacks are doing the jobs for those “racists” who wants them eliminated. The person who kills the other, ends up in jail and probably will not see the light of day with the inability to procreate.

Whether it is black on black, white on white, or police against everyone,  we must come together to fight terrorism which is invading the United States.

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