One person killed others injured at Ohio State Fair

#ohio, ohio, #Columbus, Columbs, #OHioStateFair, Ohio State Fair, #AccessUnlocked, Access Unlocked, #media, media, #news,news, #CNN, #BBC, #Cleveland, Cleveland, #Columbus, ColumbusAccess Unlocked Thursday July 27, 2017 Rides have been shut down for additional inspection, however the Ohio State Fair remains open.  This comes after a ride malfunctions, claiming the life of one (1) and critically injuring seven (7) others.

Video capture during the incident, shows two (2) people horrifically being thrown to ground.

The age range of the victims are between thirteen (13) and forty-one (41), with the deceased being eighteen (18).

According to officials at the Columbus theme park, the Fire Ball ride had been inspected several times the opening.


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