News Now: Lottery winner Craigory Burch Jr was murdered in his home

Fitzgerald, GA – Friday January 22, 2016 – On Wednesday night, lottery winner Craigory Burch Jr. was gunned dowtmpub9xO6n in his home.  It is believed, Burch was murdered because of his nearly half million dollar winnings, from Fantasy 5 lottery.

During the time of the incident,  Jasmin Hendricks the victim’s girlfriend was present and later ran for help.

According to Hendricks’ interview with WALB 10-news, Burch asked the intruders not to kill him in front of their children and her. Craigory Burch Jr., told the robbers to take his bank card which was located in his pants pocket.  Once the burglars realized the card was not in his pocket, they shot and killed him.

Craigory Burch Jr won $434,272 lottery in November of 2015.  In December he purchased $4,000 in gifts for needy families.

He leaves behind two (2) children which includes a three week old.

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