Model-in-Motion: SWAT DA BOSS

swat 4swat 3SWAT Da BOSS is a fresh new model who was raised in Detroit Michigan. He saw the struggles of others in the hard town of Detroit and wanted more for himself.  He models himself after successful people such as, athletes, entertainer or business men.  Their triumph over adversity  is what fuels his fire.  SWAT’s primary goal is to build a legacy which his family would be proud of.

swat 1Now living in the lovely city of Houston, Texas, SWAT is the CEO of his own clothing line and production company.  Within the next five years his team and brand will be recognized nationally.

He enjoys working out and playing games in his spare time.  He can be found working out six (6) days a week at the world famous Metro Flex and Power House Gyms or at home playing the game Halo.

swat 2

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