Colorado shooter was a Iraq veteran

Access Unlocked  Monday January 1, 2018 Matthew Riehl has#matthewriehl, Matthew riehl, #AccessUnlocked, Access Unlocked, #news, news, shooting. shooting, media, #media, #Colorado, #StraightOfficialMagazine, Straight Official Magazine, #media. been identified as the Denver, Colorado shooter, who killed Zackari Parrish a twenty-nine (29) year-old deputy and wounding four (4) others.

It has been reported the thirty-seven (37) year-old Iraq War veteran, released more than one hundred (100) rounds.

Riehl live streamed the attack on Periscope, which also showed him calling 911.

Deputy Taylor Davis, Deputy Michael Doyle, Deputy Jeffrey Pelle and Officer Tom O’Donnell were the four (4) injured.

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