“I-Killa” has emerged as one of the hottest artist on the East Coast

It has been said, that Ivory Dickson who is known as “I-Killa” by his supporters, is one (1) of the hottest artist to watch, from the East Coast.  His mixtape “I Am So Virginia,” contains fourteen (14) life illustrating songs, which showcases his lyrical versatility.  The singles “Who F’n With Me” and “Shakin My Wrist” off the project, has set the tone for what’s to come.

AU:  How long have you been in the music industry?

IK:  I have been in the music industry since the age of twelve (12).  I jumped into this career, after watching I Killa - Access Unlocked - Budda BeatsKevin Swillin aka SWILLS”, Abu, DX Da Wildcard, Sic Mic and Quaz, who are considered to be hip hop legends, in Virginia. 

AU:  When did you begin to take your music serious?

IK:  After several run-ins with the law and my situation became dangerous, I knew it was time for something different.

AU:  How would you describe your style?

IK:  My style is laid back and real, just like me.  My music is about life experiences.

AU:  Why the name “I-Killa?”

IK:  “I-Killa” was a name given to me at an early age, by my brother.  It just means, working hard and grinding.  I kill everything I put my mind to.

I-Kill represents the dark side of Virginia.

AU:  What is next for “I-Killa?”

IK:  Next, we will release the third single off the project, called “Bring That Beef.”  We will also release visuals, for every song on the project.  

 Eventually, you will be able to catch me on tour.

Social Media:

YouTube/Google/Facebook:  IKilla Rawsteetfam

SoundCloud:  IKilla

Email:  ikilla.rsf@gmail.com



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