The Sundance Kid: Hollywood renaissance man Josh Mitchell talks films, parties and much more

Who is Josh Mitchell

Josh Mitchell is one of the most sought-after indie publicists in the entertainment industry, due to his fresh and distinctive approach on film, fashion and lifestyle.  He is the founder and CEO of Wickid Pissa Publicity, a full-service public relations, marketing, branding, and events firm based out of Los Angeles.

Recently, this Boston native released his films My Father’s Teeth, Frank Flutie, Desert Drive, and Fruit of the Fungus.

josh mitchell

Josh Mitchell

As the 2016 Sundance Film Festival approaches, Access Unlocked took the opportunity to speak to Josh, about his latest clients, projects, and initiatives for 2016.

How did you get started as an indie filmmaker and what motivates you?

JM: My interest in film grew when I was eight (8) years-old.  My parents split and I would visit my father on te weekend and he would take me to the movies.

I distinctly remember seeing a double-header of The Sword in the Stone and Flashdance and at that moment, I was hooked.  It was was the dancing shadows in the dark which grabbed my attention.  I enlisted the help of my best friend, to start shooting our own fun stories.

I am motivated by eccentric stories and unique people. I like to lift up rocks and show the world ideas and professions that are arcane and unexplored.

What advice are you able to provide other filmmakers, who are looking to break into the industry?

JM: The smartest pa

Cheadle (1)

Don Cheadle and Josh Mitchell

th is to knock down every door in this industry, instead of waiting for the knock on your door. The best way to break through, is to create your own content and announce yourself to the masses. Do not wait and hope for some arbitrary opportunity – create your own.

Tell us about your new comedy short film, My Father’s Teeth?

JM: The film is about a struggling Hollywood actor who picks his father up from the airport, to celebrate his 40th birthday and chaos ensues.

The film is a true story about my dad who lost his dentures after a wild New Year’s eve night of partying.  My dad plays himself in the film.

You can watch the film here – of Fungus - poster (1)

What are you excited about, in terms of this year’s Sundance Film Festival?

JM:  This marks my eleventh (11th) year at the Festival which is exciting within itself. The 2016 Film Festival going to be action packed, filled with a diverse and ground-breaking slate of compelling films.

Who will you be representing on the 2016 Sundance talent roster? 

JM: I will be there with my actress/client Jenae Alt who is a producer and also one (1) of the stars of Fruit of the Fungus.  Producers Jennifer George and Christina Marie Austin will be present, promoting their latest project – David Winters’ award-winning feature film “Dancin’ – It’s On!” for which their company Not 4 Nothing Product
ions provided the production services while they line produced. Other key talent is VR content creator Dekker Dreyer, actor Adam Tsekman, and writer-producer Samantha Herman.

What are you able to offer potential clients, who are interested in working with you at 2016 Sundance?

JM: I offer my clients elite access to some of the high profile events at Sundance.  I create a detailed official party and event grid, which provides a day-to-day breakdown of all Park City industry activities. The client would also receive RSVP contact information for each event. I have direct links to an assortment of elite events and gifting suites which
would enhance their visibility, while providing constant confirmation of the client’s attendance.

My creative collaborations and email introductions put my people on the radar of the top movers and shakers at Sundance.

How has the independent film landscape changed, in the last five years?

Sundance_Kid (4)JM: The biggest shift has been the technology and the level-playing field of production. Now anyone is able to create a film with the help of crowdfunding and there are vast options for distribution, which did not exist a few years ago. I bring my films to the marketplace through Vimeo Demand. They offer creators ninety (90) percent of the profit, which is unheard of with traditional mainstream distribution partners. You can watch all of my work here –

Tell us about Fruit of the Fruit, the short film which you launched this month. 

JM: It’s about brother and sister, Ned and Nancy Nachman, and their reaction to the death of their infamous father Nolan Nachman. He leaves them a secret map on his death bed and it spawns an excursion which leads to a big surprise and lesson in the end. My goal was to celebrate our vitality, good wine and succulent food while emphasizing the importance of showing appreciation to the ones we love, now.

What is an indie publicist, why should someone hire one and what are the benefits?

JM: An indie publicist is independent and works outside of an agency.  If someone is looking to take the career to the next level, expanding their brand and adding credibility, they should hire a publicist.  The benefits of hiring a indie publicist are endless.  An indie publicist is a more economical option for those who are unable to afford the $3,000 retainer cost of a large company.

I charge $500 for a one-month, for aggressive campaigning which yield  fast and guaranteed results.

Learn more about Wickid Pissa Publicity here – and follow Josh Mitchell on Instagram at: mitchmitchell24 and on Twitter @mitchellmadness

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