Four (4) YouTube Channel Pranksters will serve jail time

Access Unlocked May 17, 2016 –  Several members of the YouTube channel TrollStation, have been jailed in London on several charges, including provoking unlawful violence to the public, with their fake pranks.

In 2015, five (5) members of the Trollstation channel which has over seven hundred thousand (700,000) followers, pulled of such pranks as the fake robbery at London’s National Portrait Gallery and a fake kidnapping at Tate Britain.

The City of London Magistrate’s Court has sentenced Ebenezer Mensha twenty-nine (29), Daniel Jarvis twenty-seven (27) Helder Gomes twenty-three, (23), and Endrit Ferizolli twenty (20) to less than six (6) months in jail. A fifth (5th) member of the group, was previously arrested in March of this year.

CCTV released footage showed the public running in fear, as several men entered the National Portrait Gallery screaming and shouting as they pretended to steal artwork. The pieces which the men took out of the gallery were props they entered the gallery with.

Allegedly, doing the gallery incident, one (1) woman passed out as another woman was placed in a headlock.

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